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When it comes to choosing office insurance, there are really just two paths to take. One is to go direct to the insurance company and the other is to arrange your insurance through a broker like us.

Why Use Us

Every type of office insurance contract is different. And for most people, the idea of sitting down and carefully reading through terms and conditions – let alone comparing them across policies – is like drawing teeth. But to make sure you actually end up with cover that will protect your business when things go wrong, it is vital to get the detail right.

Case Studies

Many people become clients of after previously dealing directly with an insurance company, and being on the receiving end of poor treatment by them...

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Contact us on [email protected] or 02 9221 7122 to make a claim.


“Thanks for your quick response. I told my mother that your service was outstanding and they should go with my recommendation to rely on your expertise. So far you have never let me down and I appreciate it very much.” Mike K., Sydney CBD, NSW

The Team

General Insurance Brokers of Australia (GIBA) is owned by general insurance specialists Brock Halliday and Tony Sykes. Contact us today to obtain expert general insurance advice that’s tailored to your unique requirements.

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