Office Insurance

Insurance designed specifically for office-based businesses

Office insurance provides various types of cover for businesses operating within an office environment.

It is designed for professional practices such as accountants, medical practitioners, solicitors, architects, engineers, information technology consultants, travel agencies, employment agencies and businesses where the exposure is essentially an office risk. (The office insurance product is not designed for manufacturing enterprises or retail premises.)

At, we evaluate and compare the various office insurance contracts available within the Australian market. This enables us to only recommend policies that:
• Are competitively priced
• Offer terms and conditions that we believe are well suited to the insurance needs of our clients
• Are offered by insurance companies with a strong track record in delivering excellent underwriting, after sales and claims support.

We understand the fine detail – which means you get the cover that best suits your business

The specific wording of each type of policy differs from insurer to insurer. We are skilled at knowing what the differences are, explaining them to you, and making our recommendation based upon which policy best matches the unique requirements of your business.

The types of cover that office insurance can cover your business for include are listed below.*

It is important to recognise that most businesses also need to consider additional insurance products such as professional indemnity, workers’ compensation, travel, directors’ and officers’ liability and other forms of insurance. We can also advise you in these areas to make certain you have the correct type and amount of insurance cover relevant to your circumstances.

Contact us today for competitively-priced office insurance that provides accurate and reliable cover for your business.

Office Insurance Offerings

Business Interruption

Business interruption insurance can provide a financial stop gap until operations can return to normal.

Employee Dishonesty

Employee dishonesty insurance can cover your business for the theft of your property or money by an employee (acting alone or with others).

Machinery Breakdown

This insurance covers the cost of repairing machinery, such as air conditioning, plant and refrigeration equipment that has occurred as a result of a breakdown.


Property insurance can cover for loss of or damage to property at your premises arising from an event that is sudden, unexpected or unforseen.

Specified Property

This section of your office insurance enables you to nominate specific items of property that can be covered when held within or beyond your premises.

Computer & Electronic Equipment

This insurance covers loss of income, additional expenses incurred to repair the equipment and the costs associated with restoring lost data arising from the breakdown of electronic equipment.

Glass Breakage

Glass breakage insurance covers the accidental breakage of all internal and external fixed glass, toilet and hand basin porcelain, glass signage, mirrors and similar.


Money insurance can cover loss or damage to money or negotiable documents as a result of theft or loss, destruction or damage caused by any accident, not otherwise excluded.

Public Liability

Public liability insurance can cover you for your legal liability for personal injury to a person or damage to a person’s property caused by your business.

Taxation Investigation

Taxation investigation insurance provides cover for all necessary costs reasonably incurred in the completion of a tax audit or investigation by a statute body.

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